Belarus Women Contact numbers: Belarus Whatsapp Numbers

Belarus Women Contact numbers: Belarus Whatsapp Numbers

There is an opinion that Belarusian girls almost do not differ from Ukrainian or Russian beauties. In fact, there are certain differences in the appearance of representatives of these nationalities. First of all, it is necessary to build on the typical features, which will help to determine their difference.

The main features of girls from Belarus

To the typical features of Belarusian girls is the fact that they do not use a lot of cosmetics. They have chic thick hair and expressive facial features. They are mostly tall, although there are girls of short stature with short hair. To distinguish a girl from Belarus is possible by such signs:

  • lack of a lot of makeup;
  • light long hair;
  • expressive facial features;
  • high growth;
  • beautiful eyebrows;
  • attractive appearance;

If we compare the girls and women of Belarus with the female gender of Ukrainian or Russian nationality, then it should be noted that there is no dark skin in this country. Almost all women after 40 years have blue eyes, which gives them a certain zest. This nationality has a kind face, so it’s hard to see on their face some kind of aggression. For example, in Ukraine, girls also have a light skin type, but it is combined with dark (brown, gray) eyes. Girls of Belarus rarely dye their hair, so they can be fairly freely distinguished from the Ukrainian beauty. Unlike Russians, Belarusian ladies can boast of plump lips, at a time when women in Russia have to increase their volume with the help of cosmetics or injections. This appearance attracts many men from different countries.

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Actually, in country there are more men than women, that’s why everyone has a great chance to meet and start relationship with Belarus beauty. Here we present free girls whatsapp numbers, that will help you chose your potential soul mate.

Beloras women are equal with men but still they don’t forget about femebity. There are 67 women working in the structures of the UN office in Belarus today. This is just over half of all employees of the organization, the total number of which is 120 people. Unfortunately, the average salary of women is 20% lower than that of men in this country.

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