How to Date a Foreign Girl

How to Date a Foreign Girl

First, you want to find foreign women in the right environment. For most men, this is online via a foreign girlfriend dating site since you already know that the women are looking for a man to date or, if you’re up for traveling, in their countries. If you choose the online route, meeting women is as easy as sending a few messages expressing your interest and playing the field. As for those who choose to travel, the following are often the best places to meet women:

  • Shops

As you’re picking up a few essentials you may score a few phone numbers as well.

  • Cafes

Grab a coffee and before you know it you can be chatting up a girl over cappuccinos and scones.

  • Parks

Great place to try your day game. Always aim for women who don’t seem to be in a rush since there is a greater chance that she will stop to chat.

  • Nightclubs

The lively atmosphere makes it easy to talk to women. If you’re lucky, you will get to enjoy a few dances, flirt and maybe even hookup.

Be a Gentleman

Gentlemanly behavior is universal meaning you can easily impress girls from all over the world with your kindness and courtesy.  Whether you are dating online at the time via a foreign girlfriend dating site or can pull out her chair or open doors for her, make the effort to treat her right.

best places to meet women

Come Prepared

You want to learn how to date a foreign girl from the country you are interested in so do your research to learn about customs and behaviors that are acceptable by brushing up on your dating etiquette to reduce the chance of offending her or overstepping in any way. There are little things to avoid when dating women from various countries. For example, Russian women are quite superstitious, so you don’t want to mock them if any are displayed on your date and when dating Chinese women, you want to avoid anything too affectionate or physically intimate since even kissing a man is something that happens after at least a few dates. The reason to make this effort is simple – it will impress the girl. When you take the extra step, it shows, and foreign girls appreciate it. Combine that with old-fashioned chivalry and you will have many successful dates.

Embrace Your Ignorance

Remember that in addition to her being a foreigner in her eyes, you are a foreigner in hers as well so during those times when there’s some confusion between the two of you and you don’t quite get each other, or you feel as if you may have overstepped in any way, admit that you weren’t aware. Dating a foreign girl will eventually lead to areas of unknown etiquette. Instead of being embarrassed or defensive, ask to learn more about what is considered acceptable.

Dating a foreign girl

Make Eye Contact

Language barrier or not, eye contact should be used generously because it is yet another way to communicate. Through eye contact, you can share how you feel about a person, express desire and more. Wouldn’t you like that connection with someone? Well, start establishing it early on. Then, even if the words aren’t all there, you still know. Love is best spoken through the eyes anyway!

Find Some Communication Balance

Dating success requires both parties to engage in conversation. There must be some back and forth.  To find that balance share a few things about yourself then ask about her to promote more connection building conversation. When dating a woman from another country, it’s easy for the conversation to drift to culture and differences but people often use this as a crutch. Of course, these topics will come up as you spend more time with each but remember that the idea behind dating is learning more about one another as well as gauging chemistry and enjoying the romantic aspect.

Those are all the tips you need to know to successfully date a foreign girl. Just keep in mind that women from other countries are different than the women you usually date. they act differently and think differently so careful navigation is required. Fortunately, as the level of comfort increases ad romance takes over, dating will be smooth sailing.



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