How to meet a russian girl in WhatsApp

How to meet a russian girl in WhatsApp

I can tell that I am attractive, intelligent and honest. My nature is very gentle and sensual and I appreciate sincerity and respect towards each other in every moment. I have good manners, good test and sense of humor and I am very outgoing. I have economical university education and worked in this area before, but I found myself in design and now I am an interior designer and enjoy this work very much. I am fond of traveling, sports, theatres and other activities. I like nice places, different cultures and clever people, and enjoy getting to know about all kinds of style, arts and culture. I like refinement in everything. I have doughter,she is 14, and if you have child, it would be really well. I would like to meet someone very respectable, honest, genuine and kind. Someone who could appretiate my nature and find it similar to himself…I would like to be with the man who is very active, likes sport, travelling to countries and interested in arts and cultures. Someone who wants to have a loving relationship that will grow into a family and will last forever.
I can describe myself as a calm, tolerant, friendly and optimistic woman, who is a good listener and friend. I am intelligent, well-educated, elegant, witty and with a good sense of humor. I like music, reading, theatre, swimming, aikido and horseback riding very much. I’m a great admirer of nature, I like forests and mountains very much (but I’m not a mountain-climber, though). I spend my free time in a calm home athmosphere or go somewhere with my friends. I dislike crudity, stupidity, insincerity. I would like to meet an intelligent, independent, reliable man, with whom I could share my life with all its events – joyfull or sad, and for whom I could become not only a wife, but also a friend and a reliable partner.
I am kind, cheerful, and tender. By my nature I am a stay-at-home person. I dislike noisy companies. I appreciate mutual understanding in a family. I like to read a lot. I enjoy dancing. I like cats. I would like to learn something that is new. I will be glad to share hobbies of my future husband. I will give my unspent love and tenderness to him. I would like to have children, because I like to look after them. I see my future husband as a strong, reliable, self-confident man with whom I could create a strong family. I do not mind if he smokes. It is desirable for him to be not shorter than me.

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  1. I really love Russian women. They are sexy beautiful n intelligent. Am South African. I would wish to marry a Russian women.
    060 8529 203
    Am 27 years of age. Future mate don’t hasitate

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